EDP X Ana3Ana X Givenchy

I have a deep love for mens clothing and I love stealing clothes from my bofriends closet. Of course, only because he has impecable taste in clothes so that’s why this post is the first installment of EDP5 for Ana3Ana.com.

In the spotlight we have the Fall Menswear Givenchy 2012 collection.

The presses say this look is a Parisian club kid from day to night, but we don’t like labels, let’s just admire all this beauty.

Below are the key pieces as selected by our guest editor himself:

Pause. Worth noticing that the pieces are easily adaptable to womenswear [see above two examples]. Sending a strong androginy message, which is something Tisci has been doing repeatedly since the introduction of Leah T. to his maison. Brilliant.

More amazing pieces:

Double breasted is everything. Sweaters and flowing skirts, sneaks and leather! For women, one piece at a time mixed in with your regular old clothes can really take you from drag to fab!

Special thanks to EDP5 for enlightening us.

All photos: GQ and Givenchy


In Lust: Givenchy Pre Fall 2012

Ricardo Tisci you are a dam good designer. Givenchy Pre-Fall 2012 is to die for.

Let’s dissect the whole thing, starting with color, mood, fabrics, and models.

It’s been said that for this collection Tisci looked back at his seven years at Givenchy and recycled several prints from previous collections, including bird-of-paradise plants, the Virgin Mary, flags and a photo print of a silver sequined dress from spring. With the idea was to highlight his brand identity. How fucking genius is that!

Well the campaign was pretty perfectly executed.  Joan Smalls and Leah T. (the transgender model also in previous Givenchy ads) facing the camera unapologetic ally just transmit the same message the clothes transmit and so you create a harmonious and coherent message. There was one more model, Caroline Trentini a white girl who frankly does not say much to me in Givenchy clothes, but we’ll let it slide.

What’s curious to me is that the whole story seems like something out of a “street style” section on a blog or newspaper. I love that for two reasons: this approach makes for an tough/underground vibe; secondly, let’s be honest enough with the luxury pools and 5 star hotels. Times are tough and Givenchy clothes are tough. It takes a strong woman to carry these clothes, unless they end up wearing you…

Below are the highlights:


The new INTERVIEW magazine just dropped and also my jaw when I came across this stunning  editorial.

Riccardo TISCI


Photography STEVEN KLEIN

Riccardo Tisci in New York, May 2011. All clothing and accessories: Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Fall/Winter 2011.

EXCERPT FROM THE INTERVIEW (the interesting part)

VERSACE: Now I must ask you, do you have new ideas for Givenchy, or something new for Riccardo Tisci? I think you know what I mean. [laughs]

TISCI: Yes, I know what you mean. You mean what happened at Dior. I don’t know what will happen. Sincerely, I feel sorry for John. But for this moment I am leaving aside all the gossip of “I am going here, I am going there,” because there is a lot of gossip circulating and there always will be. I will tell you, in this moment, I am very happy at Givenchy and it is a moment in which I am bringing the game to the next level. So I tell you, I feel at home. It’s as if it were my son. I don’t know how to explain it. It would be very difficult for me to leave.

VERSACE: It’s like your child, there.

TISCI: Absolutely. Because I arrived here, with a destroyed house, with nothing. I had to do everything very slowly. And with a little team and a great president, we achieved a lot. I am happy here. For now, it is still Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, and I think that it will be for a long time, because it will be difficult to evict me from my house. I feel good here! [laughs]

VERSACE: We will see if this is the whole truth!

TISCI: No, I would really say that, at the moment, it really is the truth. My truth is this: That I don’t know what will happen tomorrow because you can never know.