Flower Power Happy Hour!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being invited by Alison Valentine, singer and flower entrepreneur, to co-host a workshop on how to make a whimsical fresh flower crown at the awesome Freehand Miami during Winter Music Conference ’14. Even though at the last minute Alison couldn’t join me because she is working on her magical EP in sunny Los Angeles, it was such a pleasure and honor for her to send this fun challenge my way! I can’t wait to do it again together! So much love Alison, we can’t wait to hear the new tunes <3.

I had a blast with all the girls that stopped by to make a fresh flower crown.  Special shout out to Amanda at the Freehand for making the day unforgettable. Really good vibes, superb music and that punch,  it was just too perfect! Check out the Freehand Miami on your next trip to Miami or like us locals do, anytime your can.

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Girl Crushing on Alison Valentine.



This is a case of true love! In this edition of Girl Crushing, I have to send my girl Alison so much love.  As you might remember DIY with 11×11, and Kitsuné Pool Party she’s no stranger to ANA3ANA.

Based in New York City, Alison Valentine’s first single from her forthcoming debut EP is a light, shimmering, skip-along dance jam that feels straight out of a 2007 Kitsuné compilation; perfect for sunbathing on a very French beach. Produced by Chrome Canyon, the track is an example of the sort of lovey, summertime swirl that Valentine goes for. (It’s not shocking that, by day, the singer is a fleuriste whose custom creations are designed for Hermes, Oscar de la Renta, and Yoko Ono.) But being ostentatiously adorable is part of the point here — “kawaii” is a tagged influence on this track in particular — and it certainly serves the singer well in the area of nu-disco nonchalance. The single EP is expected to carry the single, which you can listen to below, along with remixes from Blood Diamonds, Chrome Sparks, and more. (Via Spin)

I must confess, Alison has become my muse lately. Her vibrant energy radiates on all those around her and just make you want to hang out with her endlessly. She’s the ultimate best friend, someone truly talented who fills a room with her sweet melodies and her contagious charisma. 

I love to skip and hop to her new song Curious, trust you will too, so go on and get lost in Alison Valentine’s world.


…stay tuned to her future releases as this is a star that has yet to reach it’s nebula. 

DIY with 11×11

Spruce up your life with flowers: Everything you need to know to DIY like a pro…

While in Miami for an event Alison Valentine, Creative Director at 11×11 in NYC, linked up with ANA3ANA to give you a complete 360 of her creative process. Alison creates chic, romantic, mysterious flower arrangements for her clients everyday. We wanted to share some secrets of the art of working with flowers because flowers brighten any day! Keep this DIY in your bookmarks it will come in handy, I promise!

To make it simple we broke it down like this:

At the market with Alison

When at the market:
-make sure flowers are fresh, especially ranunculus.
-always smile at vendors it goes a long way!
-dress cute
-try to Spanish or French (sounds more chic)
-become friends with the cats (NYC flower market cat names: Sammy the cat @ Tropical Foliage. Gato the cat at G. Page.)
-always ask vendors for their suggestions and check to see if they have a “back refrigerator”
-get there early for the best selection, often flower markets open at 4am so first come first served!

Pro tip: Make sure you check the leaves. If their yellow underneath, no good. Be weary if the leaves are gone altogether.

to make a balanced arrangement

To make a balanced arrangement you’ll need:
-a green (ex: Queen Anne’s Lace or Eucalyptus)
-large flower (ex: lg roses)
-small flower (ex: ranunculus, dalia, spray rose, tulip)
-AllyV’s trademark tip find something that’s a bit unusual, offbeat and mysterious. This is when you want to be unexpected. (ex. artichoke heart)
-make sure one of your flowers is something Feminine to contrast the offbeat

Pro tip: Keep in mind beautiful + movement + fill the container  and don’t be too symmetrically correct.

“Perfect symmetry only exists in Math” says AllyV.

pro tip to make branches drink water

The Flower Commandments

-leaves never touch water
-fingers never touch flowers petals
-use cold water unless you want the flowers to open (lilies, tulips and roses)
-change the water every 2 days
-cut the stems at an angle
-don’t cut too short too fast because once it’s cut short your stuck
-when working with branches make them drink water by creating notches with the clippers. (See pic)

shopping list

If you want to recreate the arrangement we made for this DIY then jot this down before heading out to the flower market:

Big flower: protea and artichoke, roses
Small flower: spray roses, dark via dahlia
Green: something vibrant and leafy to fill the space


Check out more of 11×11’s amazing creations AND adventures on 11×11’s website and Instagram.

For deliveries in NYC email Hello@thisis11x11.com


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In Review: Kitsuné Le Pool Party at The Freehand Miami Beach

Kitsune pool party

I am so excited to tell you that I’ve discovered my new favorite place in Miami Beach. During this year’s Music Conference I was invited to the Kitsuné Le Pool Party at Freehand Miami and it was so much fun! The Freehand Miami is a wonderful new addition to the beach and by far the most chic and luxurious a hostel can be. It was its easygoing, friendly pool atmosphere that won me over. The easiest way to nail down the vibe poolside is to compare it to The Standard without it’s memberships and rules. Seems they’ve just opened not too long ago and for this year’s Music Conference they got together with Kitsuné the French indie record label and clothing house. This was one of many events happening throughout the week. Performing at Le Pool Party were several great artists including my lovely and talented friend Alison Valentine. The native New Yorker, singer and flower entrepreneur also produced the beautiful flower creations you’ll see throughout.  Miami could definitely benefit from her visit more often. As she delights not only with her beauty, her voice and her special hand for creating whimsical flower creations!  As for the rest of the afternoon, tunes from Mia Moretti & Caitlin Moe aka The Dolls, Poolside, AMTRAC and Coleco rounded out the musical bill with generous infusions of tequila courtesy of Corzo! Salúd I say! Until next time…

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And now roll the pictures…

Kitsune Pool Party IMG_6692 The Dolls wearing their custom flower crowns made my Alison Valentine creative director at 11×11IMG_6694Alison in action before her performance

IMG_6697 IMG_6699 IMG_6700 IMG_6701 IMG_6704 IMG_6706 IMG_6716 Kitsune Pool Party Listen to the mix  —>>>  https://soundcloud.com/alisonvalentine/ali-vs-pool-party-mix-live