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Travel Wishlist: Andalusia, Spain.

girasoles catedral de jerezflamenco dancer

The real essence of flamenco can still be found – to the accompaniment of guitar, hand-clapping, and voices – in the regions of southern Spain such as Cadiz, Seville, Granada and Jerez de la Frontera. Great food, wine and a wealth of attractive vistas and well-preserved historical landmarks are just some of the pleas Costa de la Luz offers it’s visitors. Can’t wait to visit myself! Olé.

Travel Wishlist: Sardinia, Italy.

Spiaggia Rosa 1 spiaggia rosa 3 Spiaggia Rosa 2The Spiaggia Rosa (the Pink Beach) takes its name from the colour of the sand, rich of pieces of coral, shells and little pieces of granite. The beach and the whole island belong to the Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago di La Maddalena (The Archipelago of La Maddalena National Park).  The Pink Beach stands in Budelli, one of the islands of the Archipelago; Budelli has an area of just 1.6 square kilometres.

Years ago the beach could be visited by tourists, but now people can only see it from the near Spiaggia del Cavaliere (Cavalryman Beach). It’s such a beautiful sight in photographs I can only dream of what it must be like in person, titillating.

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In Review: The Biennale di Venezia

ILLUMInations (4th June to 27th November).

The 54th edition of the international modern art exhibit that is Biennale di Venezia, is underway in the city of Venice, Italy right now. Incredible to know that it has been going on since 1895.You may also have heard of the International Venice Film Festival which happens in conjunction with the Biennale.

The title chosen for the 2011 edition of the Biennale is evocative and compelling, ILLUMInations is a reference to poetry, writing, to the Biennale’s very structure composed of national pavilions. However the most important message this tittle illustrates is the one of art’s intrinsic characteristic: it’s unique and illuminating experience. The grounds are set up with two main exhibition areas, The Giardini and The Arsenal, which will  give you moments of extreme density and others of greater breath.

An impressive arts, dance, film and cultural organization expanding the gardens of Venice and setting the stage for the  interpretations of hundreds of artists from Spain to Israel who have transformed their country’s pavilion in to a statement of personal meaning, national expression, emotional turmoil at times and hopefully ILLUMInation. Below I take a closer look at some of the pavilions I was most struck with…

The French Pavilion curated by Jean-Hubert Martin, presents a new installation by French artist Christian Boltanski. The installation, titled “Chance“, deals with the themes that are characteristic for Boltanski’s work: chance, luck and misfortune.




After arriving to Piazza Roma with a couple friends the first thing to do with a bunch of Italians is eat & drink. Once we had some homemade beer and and few pounds of cured meats we were ready to hop on a  vapporetto and navigate to the ‘giardini’ to arrive at one of the two main exhibition areas in the Gardens of Venezia. The lush backdrop of the gardens is a most idyllic canvas for all of the modern art expression to reveal itself as you enter the pavilions. Yes the buzz from lunch helps too!

Starting with Spain you’re perplexed by the simplicity of the artist’s interpretation  to the more elaborate German, French and Venezuelan pavilions. [See videos and Photos] With modern art there is not any one meaning to a work or works, all you can gather is an experience and perhaps emotions which is a powerful measure of the work itself.

Personally I thought the fair is unlike any other, there is no art for sale, most importantly the emphasis on the representation of a country through a message, I found very compelling. For me the day spent in the Gardens was one I’ll never forget. It’s truly something to see and do, even more so if you are a modern art enthusiast.

United States



The artist is Vancouverite Steven Shearer, known for his engagements with near and distant pasts—namely, with the hard-rock and heavy-metal iconography of the 1970s and 1980s, and its visual resonance with the longhaired bohemians and symbolist reveries of late 19th-century European painting.


The Venice Biennale’s Golden Lion for Best National Participation was given to Germany this year for Christoph Schliengensief’s multi-disciplinary practice “that is intense, committed, and possesses a strong personal vision.”

For more info beyond what you find here please visit the official website for the Biennale.

Tale of Us in Lignano, Italy.

During my vacation I happened to be nearby Lignano (Italy) and heard Tale of Us was playing at a beach club named Kursaal. It was a lovely night, and Matteo and Karm spinned out their top hits along with some deep, and sticky ones which made it impossible not to dance till the sun came up & a beautiful sunrise it was…

Here is a personal favorite from the Italian due:

The Island of Ibiza part II

As some of the more loyal readers of this blog might remember, last summer I made an epic trip to Ibiza. It was a trip that changed my way of viewing the world.  I believe this island has magical powers and the energy you’re exposed to there truly changes a person.  (If you want to read the original post click here.)

Fast forward a year plus, and today I had the surprise to find a nice  treat in my email, from my friend Nathan Dappen.  Nate  is a biologist, photographer and filmmaker based in Miami, Florida. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in evolutionary biology and behavioral ecology in the Department of Biology at the University of Miami.  Nathan is devoted to our planet and the creatures in it. That includes us humans too, that’s why along with his partner Neil Losin, the’ve created Days Edge Productions with the goal  to take you inside science and nature, from research laboratories to untamed wilderness. I invite everyone to check out their fun and quirky videos set against some of the most idyllic backdrops imaginable.

You can have a taste of the kind of natural beauty I am referring to in the images below taken by Nate last summer while my boyfriend and I visited him. Thanks Nate for making me relive the amazing summer of 2010 and I look forward to returning to the wilderness vicariously through your videos.

Photos: Nathan Dappen

That's us at the bottom... little specks. You had to climb to the ledge.

Magical Sunset
Es Vedra