a rose for you



Day to day we all may get caught up on meeting up with friends, the bills to pay, the tweets to send, the latest craze… None of us would have any of that if you did not have the privilege of living on this magical Earth.  Watching this video made me connect back with what really matters in my life. We are all living under one roof, like it or not. Hope you’re inspired and humbled by the Overview Effect. Peace. xx

On Purpose

boredom skeletonphilosopher Roman Krznaric

I so love Brain Pickings. If you’ve not checked it out and you’re the brainy type, then please do so. This evening the words of philosopher Roman Krznaric just stood out from the page. Every where I look in today’s world I see skeletons… Life is so short find what makes you happy not what makes anyone else happy.


Life & Death

Life & Death

When one enters another exits.

Must make space for the new, let the old die.

There is not enough space for all the memories.

There is not enough neurons for the trip.

Must release, delete and reboot.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Release, release, release.

Reboot, reboot, reboot.

Must delete, reboot and repeat.


Where does it become personal?

Where does it get personal for you?

This month Im thinking about about Love…

The types of Love.

The effects of Love.

The after effects of Love.

The effect on human life.


Bob Marley.

Lenny Kravitz.


Mother’s Love.


They’re all so different.

They make us all feel different.

We need them all.


_Thoughts of Carrie and Big


Carrie and Big … Kinda night! What an iconic couple.

I am missing the good old days of television and great television shows like, of course, Sex and The City. One of the reasons  I fell in love with New York City and still am! Once you live in New York it never leaves your heart. No matter where you go off on your next journey there’s always New York, in your heart.

What’s your story with the City been like? Drop your journeys down in the comments. I want to hear from you.