New Books I am reading…


I read that Mercury, a planet of chaos, goes retrograde today. So if you know what I am saying, grab a book, or two, or three and curl up. Go with the flow my friend.




D.E.A.R. = Drop Everything and Read! Please people.

Any questions leave it down below…



Say Hello June!


Just like that we’re six months into 2013. A great year so far that has brought me so much growth and happiness. How is your year going? What passion projects have you set in motion so far?

One of the things I’ve been working with a lot this year is flowers. I’ve had the chance to collaborate with several flower pros learning to develop a natural passion I had no idea about! So, naturally I am obsessed with FLOWER the book by Andrew Zuckerman.

buy it here.

drop your comments below because I want to hear about your year!

On Purpose

boredom skeletonphilosopher Roman Krznaric

I so love Brain Pickings. If you’ve not checked it out and you’re the brainy type, then please do so. This evening the words of philosopher Roman Krznaric just stood out from the page. Every where I look in today’s world I see skeletons… Life is so short find what makes you happy not what makes anyone else happy.


For mommys to be like me . . .

Blog of the week

I am absolutely in love  with the new blog from Julia Restoin Roitfeld. If you are a mommy or a mommy to be, like me, and your cravings are for Dyptique candles and lingerie even while 9 months pregant then you’ll find a home in Julia’s new blog. Good stuff. Enjoy sexy ladies! x x

Peek inside my library.

Quote by Sylvia PlathAs Sylvia Plath so eloquently put it, let’s be happy! After 6 months of moving in to my new home, I am finding happiness in this new adventure everyday. Of course, I am still unpacking boxes. This week I found the courage to start on my library. With every box came new surprises. My collection of magazines and books is something I truly adore. Something that makes me content. I have very eclectic taste for my reading material as you’ll conclude after seeing the images below. It’s very important to surround yourself with the things that inspire you to be content. The eye needs always to be stimulated…well at least my eyes.

Here here is a peek of my treasures. Stay connected, leave me a comment!

my library 5 my library 4 my library 3 my library 2 my library 1


Can I just say how anxious I am to have the new issue of GARAGE magazine in my hands! The second issue should be out at the end of February! Ana3Ana will bring you more then, but for now enjoy this sneak peek at their next cover. As you might remember their premier cover was quite different, you can see it here.