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L’Homme Fatal

Hats! Oh baby, I am really a big fan. It seems that we wear less and less hats in modern times. Why?

Throughout history men and women always wore hats, it was as part of the way they dressed as the shoes. Yet the hat seems everyday more in decline amongst the general population. Now at best we wear baseball caps. No particular hatred towards the aforementioned but just wish more men wore beautiful fedoras, top hats, panamas, sombrero cordobez, boater hats, bowler hats…well I’ll let you decide which one but please get a hat! Let’s bring it back!
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L’Homme Fatal

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The Wide Leg Trouser Story.

Wide leg trousers (and jeans) have been dead in my fashion 10 commandments for a long time. Except when their absolutely exquisite and perfectly tailored. In my own closet I have a pair from Dior Homme that resembles the ones on the model quite a bit. (I told you I wear menswear, I was not kidding). Mine came from Rue St. Denis. This East Village store is well furnished heaven with superb collections of AUTHENTIC VINTAGE CLOTHING for men and women that range fom the 1940s to the 1980s. I highly recommend a trip anytime you’re in New York City.



L’Homme Fatal

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Remember this model from installment one? He’s back! This Another Mag editorial from their Winter edition 2011 was too good to not be enjoyed over and over. One of my favorite things about this look is the 70s flair. I love the scarf, the color of the suit. It’s not any man who could pull of this look, I will admit. This could easily translate into tacky. But out there is a gentleman that could carry this with utmost elegance and mojo. I love when a man turns my head on the street because he is just something unexpected. Something from the past fresh for today. That’s exactly what our friend here does.

L’Homme Fatal

L'Homme Fatal 2This week I love androgynous sexy via V Mag. The sleeveless printed shirt and jacket are totally awesome. Very modern, clean. I would wear all these also! How about them sandals on the guy in the back?  As a rule of thumb, no matter how pretty your man feet are, I prefer closed toed unless you’re on the sandy beach. The light stripes on the button down make it so delicate yet in very sexy subtle way. Also, remember that money does not make the outfit. The person and their confidence do!

In Premier_L’Homme Fatal

This week I am premiering a new category on The ANA3ANA Blog. L’Homme Fatal will be all about men’s style. I have a fascination with menswear. I love wearing my fiance’s sweaters, shirts, tshirts, cologne and jewelry. Therefore what better way to indulge all the fans of the male variety here and in my life than by creating a space just for us.

Image below: where do I start? It’s flawless, of course. A double breasted jacket tailored to perfection with that black turtleneck. Ah Oh Eh. The model also is very interesting. I love his hair and his look. Expressive eyes don’t you think? A well dressed man who is also elegant is a dangerous weapon.

The image is from Winter’s Another Man.
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