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DIY Inspiration

Flowers and candlesI really love this for an intimate wedding or a very special dinner party. Simple as floating candles and white roses! Must do!


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“Life is the flower for which love is the honey.”
– Victor Hugo

There is only one momma in everyones life. Love her and treat her like a queen because having a child is one of the most incredibly challenging jobs to have. Now that I am expecting my first baby, I speak these words very humbly from the heart. The big day is Sunday May 12 and you still have time to check  here and here  for two great DIY’s for mom on her day!

DIY with 11×11

Spruce up your life with flowers: Everything you need to know to DIY like a pro…

While in Miami for an event Alison Valentine, Creative Director at 11×11 in NYC, linked up with ANA3ANA to give you a complete 360 of her creative process. Alison creates chic, romantic, mysterious flower arrangements for her clients everyday. We wanted to share some secrets of the art of working with flowers because flowers brighten any day! Keep this DIY in your bookmarks it will come in handy, I promise!

To make it simple we broke it down like this:

At the market with Alison

When at the market:
-make sure flowers are fresh, especially ranunculus.
-always smile at vendors it goes a long way!
-dress cute
-try to Spanish or French (sounds more chic)
-become friends with the cats (NYC flower market cat names: Sammy the cat @ Tropical Foliage. Gato the cat at G. Page.)
-always ask vendors for their suggestions and check to see if they have a “back refrigerator”
-get there early for the best selection, often flower markets open at 4am so first come first served!

Pro tip: Make sure you check the leaves. If their yellow underneath, no good. Be weary if the leaves are gone altogether.

to make a balanced arrangement

To make a balanced arrangement you’ll need:
-a green (ex: Queen Anne’s Lace or Eucalyptus)
-large flower (ex: lg roses)
-small flower (ex: ranunculus, dalia, spray rose, tulip)
-AllyV’s trademark tip find something that’s a bit unusual, offbeat and mysterious. This is when you want to be unexpected. (ex. artichoke heart)
-make sure one of your flowers is something Feminine to contrast the offbeat

Pro tip: Keep in mind beautiful + movement + fill the container  and don’t be too symmetrically correct.

“Perfect symmetry only exists in Math” says AllyV.

pro tip to make branches drink water

The Flower Commandments

-leaves never touch water
-fingers never touch flowers petals
-use cold water unless you want the flowers to open (lilies, tulips and roses)
-change the water every 2 days
-cut the stems at an angle
-don’t cut too short too fast because once it’s cut short your stuck
-when working with branches make them drink water by creating notches with the clippers. (See pic)

shopping list

If you want to recreate the arrangement we made for this DIY then jot this down before heading out to the flower market:

Big flower: protea and artichoke, roses
Small flower: spray roses, dark via dahlia
Green: something vibrant and leafy to fill the space


Check out more of 11×11’s amazing creations AND adventures on 11×11’s website and Instagram.

For deliveries in NYC email


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DIY: Unpredictable Apple Yogurt Cake

Unpredictable Apple yogurt cake

I’ve made this delicious coffee cake over a dozen times and it never last more than 24 hours in my home before it’s gone. Yet I named it the unpredictable apple yogurt cake because it’s never aesthetically the same. Sometimes the apples get swallowed by the cake, other times they float on top. Regardless you ca be sure that you’ll have a delicious treat.

Ingredients: 2 Fuji apples peeled and sliced thin, 1 cup whole plain fat yogurt, 2 eggs, 1 1/2 cup organic flour, 1 teaspoon baking soda or Levito, 1 stick of butter at room temperature, a round 9 inch cake mold with a pop off bottom, parchment paper to line the bottom of the cake mold, butter and cane sugar for drizzling on top at the end.

Process: Start with two bowls one for the dry ingredients and one for the wet ingredients. Peel and slice 2 Fuji apples. (You may also use Macintosh.) Set aside for the end.

In the dry bowl siff  1  1/2 cups of organic flour. One teaspoon of baking soda. (I use Italian “levito” baking soda equivalent infused with vanilla extract. )

In the wet bowl start by whipping one stick of butter with the use of a hand mixer. If you have no idea what whipping of butter is, click here. After the butter is fluffy add one cup cane sugar, gradually. Continue to use the mixer until smooth and evenly mashed together. Add two eggs, ONE AT A TIME, while mixing still. Add one teaspoon of vanilla extract. Put aside the hand mixer, grab a spoon and manually mix in a cup of whole fat plain yogurt. OK, You’re finally done with the most difficult part.

Grab your round cake mold, preferably one with a bottom that pops off, and scoop in the batter. With your fingers or a spoon make it round and pretty. Top with the apples you have set aside, sprinkle with more brown sugar and melted butter.

Bake for 35 minutes at 350 degrees.

Bon appetito!

Drop me a comment if you tried the recipe!



P.S. DIY is a new feature on ANA3ANA. We continue to evolve and add to our list of passions. Hope you like it. Make sure to let your thoughts be heard below.