Spotlight: Olaf Breuning for Purple

Olaf Breuning (born 1970) is a Swiss-born artist now living in New York.


Spotlight: Anselm Reyle + Dior Pop Up, Art Basel Miami Beach 2011

One of my favorite things during Art Basel Miami Beach 2011 was this Anselm Reyle collaboration with Dior. Simply because it was fun, a good fit and, well, art and beautiful art at that. Art and fashion are very much interconnected and that showed more than ever before at the annual art fair.

The German artist Anselm Reyle took the brand’s DNA and remixed it giving birth to a post modern collection of bags, shoes, sunglasses, and other small goods.

Reyle brilliantly switched up the classic Miss Dior bag with neon stitching and dangling charms made of colored plexiglass, one of his signature materials.

Two walls of video screens showed Reyle creating one of the lush works — the artist makes sweeping gestures in the purple paint using a large spatula and scraper.

If you can’t afford to dish out $2200 for a small clutch then the nail bar, a photo booth and champagne provide out an excellent experience without breaking the bank. Voila!

Don’t Miss: Sculpt Miami Fair.

Sculpt Miami fair showcases outstanding large – scale indoor and outdoor sculptures by prominent modern artists from around the world.

LOCATION: 46 NW 36th Street (Wynwood Art District)
In addition to a second location at: the Red Dot Art Fair Tent on 3011 NE 1st Avenue

ADMISSION: Free, no admission fee

Wednesday, November 30 11 – 7pm
Thursday, December 1 11 – 8pm
Friday, December 2 11 – 8pm
Saturday, December 3 11 – 8pm
Sunday, December 4 11 am – 8pm

Spotlight: Turkish artist Mehmet Ali Uysal


Uysal is making the invisible visible, by interconnecting art and its’ context. He reveals the space that surrounds the art work and seals it from the outer world. The walls of the gallery become porous and are not longer a limitation. They become part of the work. ?As for Lao Tse, which considered the utility of an object (wheel, vessel, house) depends on its’ empty space, the artist gives the spectator the chance to experience space and its’ emptiness, which constitutes the work and its’ place of exhibition. ?Mehmet Ali Uysal researches art and it’s context. The place of the work is the reason and cause for creating the work. In the end, the gallery space becomes part of the art work, its’ material, form and content. The context becomes the content.


Photo & Text via Trendland.