Ana Triana’s started her career as a Media and Advertisement Manager for O Property Collection in Miami, focusing on in-depth event pre-during-post implementation, overseeing and coordinating a schedule of more than 50 yearly promotional and sales events worldwide. Ana understood that in order to grow her passion for design she had to expand her knowledge in business and tech. Her drive to learn more about business led her to her job at DPEC Partners in NY where she worked closely with DPEC’s Managing Directors as well as the Marketing team in the creation and organization of daily business activities. In addition she pioneered Social Media Campaigns for Algodon Global Properties.
Her curiosity to learn coding and passion to bring her designs to life drove Ana to enroll in Miami’s premier coding academy, Wyncode. Ana’s strong background in outreach/communications campaigns, event management, luxury branding, public relations and overall business coordination has been the key to her success in the tech arena.