Girl Crushing on Alison Valentine.



This is a case of true love! In this edition of Girl Crushing, I have to send my girl Alison so much love.  As you might remember DIY with 11×11, and Kitsuné Pool Party she’s no stranger to ANA3ANA.

Based in New York City, Alison Valentine’s first single from her forthcoming debut EP is a light, shimmering, skip-along dance jam that feels straight out of a 2007 Kitsuné compilation; perfect for sunbathing on a very French beach. Produced by Chrome Canyon, the track is an example of the sort of lovey, summertime swirl that Valentine goes for. (It’s not shocking that, by day, the singer is a fleuriste whose custom creations are designed for Hermes, Oscar de la Renta, and Yoko Ono.) But being ostentatiously adorable is part of the point here — “kawaii” is a tagged influence on this track in particular — and it certainly serves the singer well in the area of nu-disco nonchalance. The single EP is expected to carry the single, which you can listen to below, along with remixes from Blood Diamonds, Chrome Sparks, and more. (Via Spin)

I must confess, Alison has become my muse lately. Her vibrant energy radiates on all those around her and just make you want to hang out with her endlessly. She’s the ultimate best friend, someone truly talented who fills a room with her sweet melodies and her contagious charisma. 

I love to skip and hop to her new song Curious, trust you will too, so go on and get lost in Alison Valentine’s world.


…stay tuned to her future releases as this is a star that has yet to reach it’s nebula. 


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