I believe the world should have access to Art.

I believe Art enriches our lives. Art Basel Mashup

 I have participated as an exhibitor and a visitor in the annual art fair, Art Basel Miami Beach, throughout the past half decade. To this day, I am still in awe of the magnitude the fair reaches every year. In 2011 I thought it was big, in 2012 I though it was huge; 2013 really put it in the “beast” category. I wonder what is the future of ABMB? How much bigger can it get? Any of you visited or worked past fairs? I would love to know what you think. Leave your experience in the comments.

 Cassina’s soiree to celebrate french designer Charlotte Perriand was so amazing and moving. Her designs are timeless and beautiful. I got to meet her daughter who gave a very touching speech, all in french, but I could see from her body language she really cared about design too. Cassina’s partnership with Louis Vuitton to bring Periand’s designs for the first time in the US, was a good very noble act. Image below is the LC4 PC chaise lounge.  Read more about this collaboration to give life to La Maison au Bord de l’Eau.


As always Wynwwod premiered many new murals which are still here for our enjoyment. The best ones are already up on 12ozProphet’s for viewing pleasure. This shot below was right outside Enriquetas Cuban Sandwich Shop. The best place to grab a proper Cuban meal by the way. In future posts I will go in depth into some of my favorite murals to arrive during ABMB 2013. Stay posted for that. This simple flyer on the New Times newspaper stand really captures for me the idea of welcoming a new space and time in the Miami art scene.


At LULU Laboratorium, a fabulous new outpost for Art+Fashion+Lifestyle in Wynwood, I fell in love with this interpretation of LV’s unmistakable print. Values are not something pressing these days. The director of LULU Laboratorium Elie Akiba has a good eye in selecting partners for his new concept boutique gallery. There were several other artworks, sculptures, mixed media and prints that were also very good. Visit their website for directions and more info. Everyday, Wynwood gains a new addition of creatives bringing a very special vision and vibe to the area. If ever in Miami, do not miss it. The locals who are in the know sure don’t!


This tea china was very amusing. Putting a higher meaning on the everyday perhaps?



Fighting for religions. The fight for religious freedom. What does it say to you?


I loved this because it’s the real truth…


Did you catch the headline that reads “The Only Pain is Champagne” below … that’s how I felt…


We could all RELAX. Art Basel does not let us!


ArtPublic at Collins Park is outstanding. The fair’s outdoor-art sector, Public, was expanded this year, both in the number of works in Collins Park — 30, up from 22 last year— and in duration. In the past, the pieces were shown for a week, but new grants and partnerships will allow part of the show, “Social Animals,” to remain on display until March 31. “We’ve been wanting to do more for Miami and Miami Beach outside of the fair times” , “Having this on view through March is the best example yet of what we can do.” said by Marc Spiegler who oversees ABMB and ABHK.

These where my favorite pieces from Art Public this year:IMG_1716 IMG_1717 IMG_1719 IMG_1720

That’s it for now from my dispatch at Art Basel 2013. Tune in to ANA3ANA for more Art everyday of the year.

Leave your opinion in the comments.


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