Favorites from Salone del Mobile

Candle holders tankaDesigners Luca Nichetto and Oki Sato of Nendo have pooled their creativity to create a joint collection under the title ‘Nichetto=Nendo’ at Foro Buonaparte 48. The collaboration was inspired by a creative process in Japanese culture whereby one person composes the first three lines (kami no ku) of a short poem known as a tanka, then sends them to a second person to complete the final two sentences (shimo no ku). The co-designed pieces include these ‘N=N/02 wedge of matter’ candleholders.

Ludovica + Roberta Palomba's plastic bathroom shelving system for KartellLudovica + Roberta Palomba’s plastic bathroom shelving system for Kartell

MoooiLight InstallationMoooi Light Installation

jars_salone-del-mobile‘Jar RGB’ by Arik Levy for Lasvit. The Czech glassmaker is presenting pieces from its new ‘Lasvit Constellation’ collection. vases_salone-del-mobile

‘Patchwork’ by Nendo for Lasvit

E15 NeonE15 introduces hot pink neon




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