Let’s Stroll: Miami Beach Botanical Garden Edition

Last summer we strolled through Bushwick and Central Park marveling at the beauty of each contrasting landscape. To kick off this feature in 2013 I am taking you around my new home city,  while we stroll around the Botanical Garden in Miami Beach. For those locals whom never been I highly recommend it. Entry is FREE and they have a fantastic farmer’s market on the weekend. The garden has many trails you can wonder on and then sit under one of the royal palms and enjoy a tasty lunch from the food trucks that make an appearance. They also have a natural fruit juice stand. Oh yea and there’s even a thrift market that sells all kinds of odd items in the back too. Pay this beautiful place a visit. I hope my pictures will inspire you to connect with mother nature. Peace out!

MBBG feature MBBG feature MBBG feature MBBG feature MBBG feature 5

photo 1MBBG 2 MBBG 2 MBBG 2 MBBG 2photo 5 photo 4 photo 2 photo 1


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