Excerpts from BULLETT’s The Sin Issue with Marina Abramovic

I just love crazy people. Don’t you just love crazy people?

My favorite crazy number #66: Marina Abramovic

Now that her HBO doc, The Artist is Present, comes out soon she’s taking the time to speak to BULLET magazine about mommy issues and her unusual requests. Oh and did you hear about an opera based on her life with her as the lead? Yes, she is doing that too. If you are not completely A D D and want to read the whole piece please click here to be redirected to BULLET. Otherwise check out the shit below.

Excerpt #1 Two days before her BULLETT photo shoot, on a national holiday in Spain, Marina Abramović writes an email from her suite at the Tryp Madrid Ambassador Hotel requesting the following items: “1 oversize white men’s button-up shirt, 1 simple large glass of water, 1 white candle, and 1 very sexy man in a tuxedo (whom I can potentially carry around).” These are, of course, perfectly reasonable requests, but there are more. Abramović would also like “2 ravens and 1 eagle and 1 baby tiger.”

Excerpt #2 “The raven is a symbol of bad news and death, the small tiger is an image of strength, and the eagle is an image of power,” she says. “Each of these elements represents the Fall of Man, but everything that is negative has a positive side. Everything that is black is also white. I am so many things at the same time.”

Excerpt #3 “In the beginning, she was not my favorite person,” Abramović says of her mother, who, along with her father, raised their daughter with an iron fist. According to Abramović, her mother never kissed her, never accepted her performances as art (thinking her nudity was shameful), and once tried to “kill” her by throwing an ashtray at her head.


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