Movement Electronic Music Festival 2012

Alas, here are the beautiful memories from Detroit’s Movement Electronic Music Festival 2012.

This year the festival was just as amazing as last year. I am not going to write a bunch of crap about it, I am simply going to let the images and videos do the talking.  I do recommend you check out the videos of doP performing at the Old Miami for Visionquest’s annual Need I Say More party, which was my favorite performance of this year.

Image above & below: Back to Back Seth Troxler and Guy Gerber at Beatport Stage Movement Detroit…

Images and video below: Circoloco party at TV Lounge, Detroit… Lee Curtis played one the most deep and dark set I’ve ever heard that morning. Followed by Clockwork and Tale of Us back to Back. I died and went to heaven.




There is also this little snippet of Heidi’s set at the Beatport stage which was an incredibly fun and lively set…below.


Images below: Finally the main event for me, Need I Say More 8th Edition at Old Miami, Detroit…

See you next year Detroit, thanks for being so good to me!


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