InReview: Resolute Yacht Party with Tale of Us & DJ Tennis

Hello Hello Hello!

A higher power was looking out for the ReSolute folk, this past Sunday. After a week of pure rain in NYC, the sun broke the clouds and a clear blue sky emerged. The perfect temperatures, the perfect breeze, and the cherry to top this Sunday, pun intended, the perfect deep, sexy, groovy dance music.

I am going to keep it simple with this review because I think the musical talent Tale of Us display at every encounter is beyond words. Together we navigated the waters of the Hudson River, while the Italian duo spun out some of the most heartfelt deep and delicious tracks imaginable. I think we have all come to expect this kind of relentless sound from Karm and Matteo, yet every time they make that bass explode, you just wonder “is this real” … The party warmed-up with DJ Tennis aka Manfredi Romano, another Italian export and co-founder of the Life and Death label. Please don’t leave here without watching the video below with a snippet of his warm up set, which was also superb.

Every minute was pure joy. At one point while the sun was setting with the entire Manhattan skyline in the foreground and the Statue of Liberty behind Karm and Matteo, dropping one of the many bombs; I just turned to the first stranger and gave him a hug. It was such a grand moment of deep-house induced euphoria!!! And the next five hours did not let up, every minute, every track was absolutely epic. For a moment you might of thought you were at DC-10 in Ibiza, when the whole deck crouched down on the floor and jumped up as the bass exploded. The whole dance-floor was smiling and dancing in unison, an absolutely brilliant feeling. There was not a moment to spare outside of the dancefloor unless you had to make a run to take a leak or get refreshments. By the way never a long line there for either.

This is the second time Life & Death have a label showcase partnering up with ReSolute and it seems to work wonders for everyone. Maybe you were there in January when they blew it out in a Brooklyn warehouse, or you were there last night, so you know, and you’ll be sure to not miss the next installment of Time to get Ill. I can say without hesitation that was the best party of 2012 thus far, and that’s a huge statement. Thank you everyone for putting together one of the most amazing experiences!

Next stop Detroit for Memorial Day… loads of more fun posts coming! Woot Woot!

Some pictures of the most idyllic yacht cruise imaginable. xx


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