In Review: Robot Heart Brooklyn

As I sit down to write this post about Saturday’s party I am listening to Tale of Us’s latest podcast through Pulse Radio and I am at minute 1:08:40. This is just madness up in here with these Tale of Us boys!!! Immediately stirs up a lot of pleasurable feelings I had this past Saturday at Robot Heart’s party near the Williamsburg Waterfront.

There next to the East River lies an enormous factory of pleasure and indulgence. A place where only those in-the-know or “Burners” inhabit. It’s a mind-changing kaleidoscopic paradise with the the central focus on the bus of speakers vibrating at you, yes a bus, however; making you feel every bit of bass in your spine. To be honest, I did not go for the line-up, I only knew off one DJ. I went for the sheer and simple idea that these folks do not fuck around, as recounted in the Halloween version, here . The premise set forth this time was Warriors and Lingerie alla “burner” style. 

The night was a solid success, the DJ’s one by one played sick music, making the tracks explode, adding live voices, and effects to accompany your soul. The aforementioned was by 3 or 4 in the morning dancing side by side with you. This party is so different that it’s hard to even usually remember what happened except you don’t forget that you danced your ass off!

Before I sign off for this installment, please Don’t NOT miss the exclusive video below with a “performance” from Dubtribe Sound System:
Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned through the next weeks as I have Tale of Us party coming in a couple weeks, and that is going to leave plenty of things to chatter about. Also a big Special Double Feature is due for June after my 2nd annual visit to Movement Detroit at the end of the month!

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