In Review: WMC 2012

Oh how nice it is when you come back from a music festival and you start acclimating back to reality through “nice to meet you. :-)”  and “that set changed my life. thanks.” messages on Facebook. Looking up all the cool people you meet and connecting only to make the community bigger and more fun, right. Well bigger it seemed at Winter Music Conference 2012, the crowds at all the places I went,  were packed to the brim with partygoers of all shapes, sizes and outfits. Now this year I could only do very limited “party-ing” because of personal conflicts; so it went like this: From Detroit with Love Wednesday night at The Electric Pickle, Visionquest at The Awerhouse Friday, Get Lost 7th Edition also at The Pickle Saturday and finally Last Resort at Villa 221 Sunday! 

Wednesday night really turned out to be a treat, due to the fact that Seth Troxler played in the upstairs room and he started shortly after 11pm. It really turned out to be like a private show, in that small room which usually you’d avoid all together because the cigarette smoke becomes unbearable. I was thrilled to hear him warm up the room, there were very few people, and he’s a savvy DJ he feels out the room, which is the right thing. He played some intergalactic shit that was really good then dropped a Lana Del Rey remix that completed my experience for the night. It picked up later and it was a great night. He rarely disappoints. If anyone knows anything about the aforementioned remix  please drop me a line, did tons of Google searches and found zip. Onward.

Visionquest are by far one of the best labels for me, but what they let happen Friday night at The Awarehouse was not ok. Just ask yourself, would you throw a “Visionquest” party and have Craig Richards play for 3 long hours, followed by Danny Tenaglia? In case you stumbled on the answer it’s NO! It was a huge disappointment that Tale of Us, one of my personal favorites, did not play because of the re-shuffling of the line up. Tale of Us had huge influence over me when I decided to go to that party, big sad face. Hopefully redemption will come at Movement next month. I think it goes without saying that Visionquest misused the opportunity to showcase the talent under their label and give a proper representation of their style. For example, FOOTPRINTZ, signed to the label just over a year ago, who were set to perform songs from their upcoming album, did not perform either.

Then Saturday rolled in [very fast] and we Got Lost of course! First person I see when I get to the Pickle is Papa Lazarus at the door poking out his head to take inventory of the situation with his embellished hat, true to his weirdo fashion. Again, with the issue of shit got BIG. The party was cramped inside, outside was a bit better but still shoulder to shoulder and it’s no surprise the DJs were  one better than the other with the exception of Jamie Jones [drank the kool aid] so many outstanding performances. Infinity Ink (Luca and Ali Love) gave a solid debut performance as did AMIRALI.

Just like that the festival came to a close with the final party [for me] which was none other than the spectacular extravaganza Last Resort at Villa 221. Let’s just say we went out with a BANG! This was no doubt my favorite party for this year. The venue is exactly what the name implies, and it was big enough not be another sardine can like Get Lost. There was enough space to lounge or be in the thick of it on the dance floor. It’s always a good start to a party when every imaginable off duty DJ possible is there in the crowd. Maceo Plex AKA Eric Estornel was playing when I arrived but I was again held up by personal circumstances, so I missed the live performance by Pillowtalk which was regretful. Not to worry Miss Maya Jane Coles is here to reinvent everything I thought I knew. Her set was FLAWLESS! Ask anybody, she knocked it out of the park! Here’s a taste:

After Maya destroyed my legs came Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves to close it out. They did a good job with the transition but later on went on to become stale with a repetitive beat. Nonetheless, I had heard Maya THE GREAT.

All and all great time, great new friends and of course see you next year in full force!


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