Spotlight: Boamistura New Murals In São Paulo, Brazil

Boamistura is  all about the love of graffiti, colour and life.

This group of 5 artists based in Madrid; Arkoh, Derko, Pahg, Purone and Rdick have developed their work in different fields, applying both a diversity of styles and the different views of each member. Boa Mistura represents a mixture of perspectives which complement, influence and mix themselves together in order to create something better. From graffiti and mural painting, to graphic design and illustration, Boa Mistrua want to give the world its colour back. 5 heads, 10 hands, just one heart.

For their most recent intervention they’ve permeated the core of São Paulo’s Vila Brâsilandia, favela.  The project focused on “becos” and “vielas”: winding streets that are the true components of the community’s internal life to share with the inhabitants the transformation of their environment in the form of positive messaging. The murals of bright colors and floating letters or anamorphosis, play some really cool trick on our eyes.

Here are the impressive results:

In a place as are the favelas, dirt poor communities too often forgotten and pushed to the foreground, it’s humanizing to see groups take special interest in bringing art, and new perspectives. I believe to help the poor we need more than public monetary assistance and more cultural and socially responsible programs that encourage young and old to be proud, to love, to be strong, and sweet.


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