Electronic_Journal: PhotoClick

In an effort to promote electronic artists welcome to the new feature on ANA3ANA.COM where I share with you artist who are worth sharing.

The start of PhotoClick in electronic music began in 1992 during a session of Daz Sounds, with DJ Pierre and Carl Cox. From there he develops a constant curiosity for research of electronic artists and other art forms of musical expression. Detroit House remains one of his most influential styles, although its range spans countless trends. From there until today he’s traveled around Europe and Spain with his carefully curated sets and collaborated with countless artists.

Currently he’s at A&R- Flumo Recordings, he performs as PhotoClick, ANTIKOM and also as half of the duo T.W.I.C.E. where he collaborates with V.Rotz. You can find his Aura EP on Fluids, the FLUMO experimental sub-label, amongst others.

Personally, the way I could best describe his style is sessions with a very personal sound mainly minimalist base with Detroit and Latin influences, but always versatile surprises with gems of yesterday and tomorrow.

Here he explains in his own words exclusively to Ana3Ana more about his unique musical philosophy, be sure not to miss the exclusive podcast below the interview.

Hi Cristobal, give us a brief description of who you are and what you are all about?

I am a guy from the south of Spain, specifically Sevilla, and  a music lover in general. I am currently collaborating with Flumo Recordings in Spain and I am also half of the duo T.W.I.C. E. I  have non-defined style, when I put music on a set you can find deep, electro, techno, funk, disco, there are a lot of music types to be pigeonholed as one style, but I get to explore those  “other” genres through  sound for Antikom [another dj personality he goes under] which is composed usually of jazz , hip hop, indie, rock, chill wave, dubstep, ambient, drone, listening home, but above all I am very open musically.

When and how did you get involved with House music? What are the first tracks that defined and shaped house music for you, personally?

When I started DJing back in the 90’s and would play triphop, broken beats, and then made the jump to the techno music. I think it was also with age that the bpm ‘s of my sets went down. Getting into electronic music in general, where I live, used to be very complicated, now things have changed a bit for the better. When I started working it was all breakbeat, jungle and some goa, psytrance and people got used to listening and dancing, but you start seeing other artists doing parties and you start to hear more music, and my focus was investigating styles, artists, labels and since then I keep that constant, always thorough investigation into the music I play.

These are some classics which he referenced as tracks that shaped house music for him since day 1:

In the last year or two House music has had a massive reawakening, and widening in audience and seems like more and more people are just discovering it altogether, what do you think has made the sound more attractive/appealing to the masses?

Well, in reality what has changed more than the sound or the music’s appeal is the way we understand it the whole thing, making it a huge business.

What is the story of your music? If any?

It’s the way I have to express myself, are things that come from within…

What can we expect from PhotoClick next?

To capture my feelings through music and share it with you, I have no goals, only that you enjoy as I do.

So without further adieu let’s enjoy as you do Cristobal, with this brand new and exclusive podcast from PhotoClick.







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