All Day I Dream with Lee Burridge

Happy Monday! Let’s start the week looking good and keep the good vibes from the weekend!

There were so many good parties!!  So when Sunday finally rolls around, a bit exhausted from Friday & Saturday night I was a bit slower to react 🙂 ……… However, there are some artist [Lee Burridge & my boyfriends determination] that you just have to get it together and live life.

Well I have to admit that as soon as I set foot inside the 1896 it was a big shock! The place looked beautiful, hanging candles and flowers, Buddhas, and paper lanterns??? Are you kidding me, I did not think this warehouse party would be so thoughtfully planned!

Lee did not disappoint either, he kept the tempo tight and you could easily find yourself grooving to his very deep sounds with some lyrics mixed in for good measure.

Lee Burridge doing his thing…

Except for a couple technical problems that erratically would halt the fun, the party was really solid.

I hope I am not being too enthusiastic when I say the underground/warehouse/independent party & music worlds seems to be on the up and up and I could not be happier! It’s a great time to be in NYC and be inspired.

Now, time to focus on other things my dancing shoes need a break!


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