Spotlight: New Designer Pedro Lourenço

A native of Sao Paolo this 19 year old has been blazing a path through Paris & Sao Paolo after his presentation of these impeccable Pre Fall 2012 & Fall 2012 collections. Since mom and dad are Gloria Coelho and Reinaldo Lourenço, two of Brazil’s leading designers, you could say  Pedro was born into his métier.

Remember you saw it here first because it won’t be long before we see this designer shine bright!

Here is a snapshot into the beautiful and monochromatic story of his Pre-Fall collection:

And the Fall collection even more WOW.

INSPIRATIONS: “Diana the huntress, and also the architect Oscar Niemeyer,” says the designer. Familiarity breeds respect: Lourenço has spent much of his young life among Niemeyer’s stunning complex of buildings his hometown’s Parque Ibirapuera, where Sao Paulo Fashion Week is held.

Photos via Elle & Trendland


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