In Review: Maurizio Cattelan: All

WHAT: Maurizio Cattelan: All brings together virtually everything the artist has produced since 1989 and presents the works en masse, strung seemingly haphazardly from the ceiling of the Guggenheim’s Frank Lloyd Wright rotunda. Hoisted by rope as if on a gallows, the suspended objects explicitly reveal the undertone of death that pervades the artist’s work. More than just a powerful culmination of a career, this exhibition signifies its end. With the opening of Maurizio Cattelan: All, Cattelan announced his retirement from the art world, although what this means precisely remains to be seen.

WHERE The Guggenheim Museum in NYC

Some of my favorite pieces from the exhibition:

The artists main underlying focus revolves around mortality and death, so you could find many replicas of himself in coffins, death beds etc. The faces are all Cattelan’s.

It all hangs in the rotunda of the museum.

One of my favorite pieces, Pope Jean Paul II hit  by a meteorite, tittle La Nona Ora, again a work that touches with the idea of death. circa 1999.

Another recognizable piece, Middle finger with pigeons…

Looking up…

The audience interacts with the exhibit one floor at a time. Slicing the works into levels, all with unique perspectives.

This exhibition has ended.


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