EDP X Ana3Ana X Givenchy

I have a deep love for mens clothing and I love stealing clothes from my bofriends closet. Of course, only because he has impecable taste in clothes so that’s why this post is the first installment of EDP5 for Ana3Ana.com.

In the spotlight we have the Fall Menswear Givenchy 2012 collection.

The presses say this look is a Parisian club kid from day to night, but we don’t like labels, let’s just admire all this beauty.

Below are the key pieces as selected by our guest editor himself:

Pause. Worth noticing that the pieces are easily adaptable to womenswear [see above two examples]. Sending a strong androginy message, which is something Tisci has been doing repeatedly since the introduction of Leah T. to his maison. Brilliant.

More amazing pieces:

Double breasted is everything. Sweaters and flowing skirts, sneaks and leather! For women, one piece at a time mixed in with your regular old clothes can really take you from drag to fab!

Special thanks to EDP5 for enlightening us.

All photos: GQ and Givenchy


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