In Review: Hot Natured

Jamie Jones & Lee Foss took over, at Good Units in NYC, just after midnight and it was really nice to hear them play almost 80% all new music throughout the night. Amazing how they keep it so fresh with so many gigs worldwide. That’s why they’re above the rest.

Let’s talk about Jamie, who was great, always keeping the tempo high and making it explode in a ridiculous way!

The last two hours was pure power! haha
They played back to back and the crowd was quite into it, so it was a lot of fun…

(check out the video)

January seems to be flooded (in a good way) with underground parties from Brooklyn to Manhattan and Ana3Ana shall go and bring you back everything you missed.

Coming Next:

-Manik @ Rivington Hotel

-Tale of Us + Thugfucker Location TBA

-Lee Burridge

-Maya Jane Coles more info to come…


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