In Review: Get Lost Party, Art Basel Miami Beach 2011

Finally here is the post we all (me) wanted: The Electric Pickle and Crosstown Rebels take over!

Appropriately called “GET LOST”. The night started off with Deniz Kurtel in the patio. Her music is very consistent, always deep and moody. At the Pickle her sound bounced off the palm trees very nicely making everyone rock around with a smile.

Since it is Miami, and there is always the possibility of a tropical-storm-like downpour,  of course it happened. Kind of made for some unique moments, when all of the sudden people run for cover under the 3 or 4 umbrellas or a trailer truck which happened to be left open. There was also that moment when I looked to my right and Danny Daze is literally snuggling with me and my boyfriend under the beach umbrella we’ve managed to grab cover for the 5 minute monsoon.

The rain forced the party to move indoors, which definitely was not something I was excited about. The Pickle is a pretty small club with intimate rooms where overcrowding and bad ventilation make for a crock pot of cigarette smoke and no fresh air. Normally I would have left, but there was no way I was going to miss Lee Foss, Damian Lazarus and Danny Daze so I took one last fresh breath and went upstairs.

For Damian’s set I was standing directly in front of the console, which was really fun. He was playing familiar tunes, and there is some rare quality about Damian that he just makes you FEEL the tune in the way he is feeling it. In the melange of people,  all literally smooched together it was quite a moment. 35 minutes into it I had to run for the hills or in this case, the couches. I grabbed a good spot on top of the table and filmed these videos below. It was a pitch black room, basically the worst place to video ever, but I must say that when Lee Foss took the decks, there was no need for light because the sounds were just INCREDIBLE. He made the room levitate…

Around midnight, I think, my recollection of time is kind of skewed, Danny Daze followed Lee and he had his own story to tell. He took the party to another level. He came on strong playing some intense tracks right off the bat, which literally took the party into overdrive. It’s like someone pressed the “supercharge” button. I heard many people say that Danny was the highlight of the night.

Throughout the night I spotted Lee Curtis (Visionquest) in the dj booth but I must have left by the time he went on.

Several hours later I was out of breath and there was now a constant tickle in my throat from the smoke inhalation so I gave in to the desire to breath & headed downstairs. By the pool table in the back patio the scene was vibrant…

Note: There were other artist of which I don’t make mention because I was not there to hear/see them. This is my account from my perspective. I hope you enjoy it. Until the next party guys…


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