Spotlight: Visionquest

I am putting up the Christmas tree and reading this great interview of Visionquest by Marcus Barnes for The Independent. Visionquest, the collective that is Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtis and Shaun Reeves, talk about the future, hitting the studio more in 2012, the sacrifices they make to follow their passions and joining forces with Hot Natured for the mother of all parties, HOTQUEST.

Only two years ago the boys decided to put together the Visionquest label and as Seth put it best:

“I mean if you’d have told us, when were all living in Detroit, that we’d been sitting in the centre of London overlooking the city talking to you about how we got here I’d have laughed in your face!”

And as Ryan followed:

“I think they’re still laughing in some way, shape or form.”

Well done gentlemen!


One thought on “Spotlight: Visionquest

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