Spotlight: Diane Keaton

Diane has always been a huge inspiration for me. I mean, ever since I watched Something’s Got to Give, my life has not been the same. The charisma of her smile, the refinement of her words and her appeal are extremely sexy. Her cool is timeless, I can’t help but adore Diane.

Vogue just put out an excerpt from her memoirs so check it out here.

I read this quote [below] and I found a very personal message hidden inside. It has always been important for me to document my life, since I know only snippets of  what my parents youth was like. They did a very bad job of saving photos, or anything from my own childhood as well.

“I’m a hoarder,” she says, laughing. “For me, documentation has always been key, and I’ve kept everything from my past. And so it really was about grabbing bits and pieces here and there, adages and quotes, other people’s voices, and shaping my thoughts.”


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