In Review: Electric Zoo Festival 2011

My friends the Electric Zoo Festival wrapped up last weekend and now it’s time to tell you about it.

I have to say I’ve been fighting with this review all week because I had an amazing time last year and I even bought my tickets way in advance -January- so when the big weekend arrived expectations were high. That’s why I wanted to really process my emotions from the festival before penning down my opinion. Be forewarned I have read all of the reviews been put out by many blogs and magazines and they are all good if not great. So what happened to me?!

To start the layout of the actual festival was re-worked or re-imagined. What used to be a smaller stage, Sunday School, on the ‘hill’ with it’s quaint foliage stuffed hay stage and rustic feel of the ‘jungle’ became an industrial size white tent with flooring. Minus 5 points. But the music is what matters, right? I arrived just in time to catch the opening of Loco Dice, who is a high energy DJ capable of dropping insane tunes that just make you spin. (e.i. Detroit Electronic Music Festival)  Anyways, this new stage with weird red/grey diamonds, definitely trying too hard and worse, the Dj was too far away to create the unique symbiosis that happens at this kind of event. An hour into the set I am so hot, no airflow in the tent, and have to go for a walk!

Side Note: I would of preferred the dust-buggers than this sterile set up Electric Zoo people! Once more refreshed let’s see what Carl Craig, Reboot have to offer. I guess since it was “Carl Cox & Friends takes over Sunday School” this meant the tempo was intense, very repetitive. Combined with the lack of oxygen and I just had to go sit down on the grass! Unless you had a lot of magic water you’re in for  a real headache with a lot of sweaty people.  You know what am saying!! Yet I have to admit Danny Tenaglia held my attention the longest in the sea of Reboot, Luciano, Loco Dice and Carl Craig. He closed the night with some of the more fun tunes and by then I was so exhausted from all day walking and drinking under the sun that I finally decided to head home.

Overall I will say this: The Electric Zoo is a great idea for a party but the folks at Made Event have to remember that bigger is not always better. I saw it happen in Miami at the Sunday School party and now again. Stop going so commercial, keep it simple with less theatrics and keep picking more Dj’s with different flavors and styles, like Guti for example. Guti’s set at this year’s Zoo was the highlight of the “Sunday School” tent. The tweets coming out of there were all saying “this is so sexy” “Guti has all the pretty girls dancing” … That’s precisely the problem I saw with this year’s Zoo, sexy had left the building.  I will close on this note, with the thought that I am more into another kind of electronic music; more of a Crosstown Revels, Visionquest sounds. The kind  with soul, disco, and a lot of good-feeling which  is evident the peeps at the Zoo are not too familiar with.

Not likely to take it back to the Zoo for a bit!

Thanks for reading this review of my experience at The Electric Zoo Festival 2011 and to read other reviews of techno parties around the world check out “In Review” under Categories.

Walking around the madness at the Zoo:


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