In Review: Tiki Disco Sundays at Roberta’s Pizza.

Last Sunday I went to check out the much talked about Tiki Disco party.  Nestled deep in Bushwick in between deserted buildings and nothing but commercial warehouses there is a mob of people lined up on the sidewalk. We must have arrived. The balmy afternoon is dying as the sun sets, and the need for refreshment is dire.

Once past the well guarded door, make sure your on someone list or you’ll have to shake your bootie from the street, head straight to the bar. Grab a cold sangria and now it will all start to come into focus: we are in a outdoor garden/ container farming plot, with wood chips for a floor and a lot of people wearing black. This is heaven!

The backyard/outdoor garden party has it’s distinct vibe: sweaty sticky kinda-place with  an excellent medley of disco hits and electronic dancing sets, reminded me of  Detroit’s free spirited Old Miami.

Hours melt together very quickly at Tiki, and maybe it was the “Punch Out Rum Punch” but before you know it it’s been 4-5 hours and your still sweaty only now your happy.

Runs until Sept.


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