Tokyo’s Rainbow Millefeuille

Architecture that promotes happiness
Sugamo Shinkin Bank is a Tokyo based banking group that promotes architecture as a means of providing a necessary service to their customers; so much so that their motto is, “We are happy when we make you happy.” After having already commissioned two projects, the director of Sugamo Shinkin Bank asked Moureaux to design the Shimura branch for which he requested a colourful, cheerful building that would make people forget the seriousness of being in a bank.

Shikiri, division by color
Inspired by Japanese sliding panels, Emmanuelle Moureaux—a French architect who has operated for more than a decade in Japan—has developed shikiri, a new concept that literally means “to divide space with color.”

In the project for the Sugamo Shinkin Bank, she invented what she calls “Millefeuille Rainbow,” a rainbow-colored 12-layered “puff pastry” that emerges from of the building’s main facade to welcome bank customers luminously. Looking up becomes spontaneous, and according to Moreaux, the view of the sky can put people in a better mood—naturally.

Happiness lights up by night

What an innovative architectural masterpiece. Not only is visually striking by day but at night, the colored layers are illuminated. The light varies depending on season and time of day, creating a myriad of landscapes. For more information please check out “An Architecture report from Tokyo by Salvator-John A. Liotta.

original post:  DOMUS


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