I Found the Answers on The Dance Floor.

…Back in 2008 when I first started traveling to New York City I got in with a pack of undergroud DJs and producers who were my first introduction into the world of electronic music. Then later in 2009 when I moved to NY the immersion was complete.  Hanging out in lofts in Bushwick, before Bushwick was cool when it was just dangerous and desolate. Friends would take turns spinning  new tracks for each other, and having just a great time. I was really just so interested in the people first, how they were completely devoted to making, playing and living with music as the main part of their life. I have a lot of respect for people who love anything that much.

One day I heard the name Wolf + Lamb in my circle, and I was instantly curious.  Of course, as life would have it I was living only a few blocks from the Marcy Hotel, the party mecca of DJ label Wolf and Lamb. I was 23 years old and with a lot of time to party due to my unemployment as I was fully occupied with looking  for my true self  in NYC.  Then on March 30, ’09 I headed to the Marcy Hotel for the now legendary “Stay in Love” party, honestly I vaguely remember if this was the actual name, but let’s call it that since it sounds really nice. Little did I know that night my life was about to be struck by a meteorite that would change my future, forever… Just to paint the picture as best as I can the Marcy was an old, house/studio with an overgrown garden and a room the size of a small bedroom paneled in wood where people would pack in like sardines and the DJ would drop one bomb after another. Yet there were many curious rooms, furniture and people in the house. They only served champagne and PBR, it was the best place on earth. No question about it.

During and after that  night there was a birth to a lot passions, musically and personally. Since then I’ve been very hungry for electronic music, I’ve become a regular on the festival circuit, going around looking for that high that only a great party can produce. When days and hours melt together like seconds. That night, I also stumbled onto a magical person whom to share it all with, but that’s another blog post altogether. . . I am sometimes surprised at my own furor for this new found love of deep house and electronic music, I have to admit. I always loved music and grew up listening to everything from Buena Vista Social Club to Soulja Boy. However, in the last 2 years I can’t bring myself  to listen to crap anymore. I only want quality parties, with quality DJs and  hypnotic tunes.

Fast forward and right now  I am really into a lot of DJs but Lee Foss has particularly intrigued me- He’s sexy, seductive and happy summery sounds really get me going and I am listening to his Modern Amusement Podcast #1 a lot.  Below is a picture I took of him at the “Stay in Love” party and some other shots/video of that prolific night.

Peace X Enjoy.

The party that started it all.
the first time I saw and heard Lee Foss
My friend Kesha. We never talk but we always know to find one another on the dance floor.
We meet on a dance floor.

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