In Review: Detroit Electronic Music Festival













I’ve just returned from Detroit Michigan, the birthplace of techno and the home of Detroit Electronic Music Festival. This was my first time at the festival and it blew my mind in ways I had not expected. The 3 day extravaganza is held at Hart Plaza in the center of downtown Detroit. By taxi it takes 30-35 minutes to arrive at the alternative universe that is Detroit and this music festival specially.

Tale of Us














I meet quite a few people from Chicago, Toronto, Miami and NYC  yet I found most of the scene was local; but there are so many people there that it’s hard to not make new friends. I must really make a point to say  that I meet some of the friendliest and nicest people ever. At the hotel we were recruited to a party room by two natives, who even gave us a tour of downtown. The overall feeling of people is very carefree and loose. Rachel Bliss was right when she told me Detroit it’s where its at!

As far as the party goes, it’s very organized, the line ups are to die for. Dj’s from every corner of the globe attend, and wether your into dubstep, minimal, trance, techno, deep house or just love it all you will be pleased. There were 4 stages with lineup posted on huge signs. I mostly hung out in the Beatport Stage which hosted Desolat artist such as tINI, Guti, Martin Buttrich and Loco Dice. I have to make a special mention to Martin Buttrich who won my my heart with his special set. (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO IT)

Since I am a cult follower of Visionquest (Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves and Lee Curtis) I rushed to the Old Miami Bar on Cass ave Monday morning (9am) for the “Need I say More IV”  fete-da-jour which was also another amazing time. This time things kicked off  with mellow songs from the Canadian duo F O O T P R I N T Z. Followed by the incredible team of Karm and Matteo from TALE OF US. The latter duo has been producing some of the hottest tunes of the summer so it was straight into madness when they took the stage. Their set was full of energy and the whole party took to the dance floor.



















Below are videos of the two groups mentioned above and one from Guti at Beatport stage, enjoy the music.

I have many more videos but I am uploading through the week to make the high last…stay tuned and don’t hesitate to send me questions or stories from your own experiences at DEMF.

Peace x Love

Photo Set: DJ Spotting at Hart Plaza and Old Miami. 


9 thoughts on “In Review: Detroit Electronic Music Festival

  1. I happened to come across this blog when I searched DEMF in twitter and was interested in seeing what you had to say about the festival.

    I have gone several years and it is always a blast but this year was special. DEMF really went hard and complied a great line up. The crowds were awesome and you could definitely feel something in the air. To add to that statement you could tell the artists really loved the festival when they would be walking around and watching shows after their performance.

    Some of my favorite shows were : Matt Clarke, Hudson Mowhawke, Skrillex, Ana Sia, Soul Clap, Eliot Lipp, Beardyman, Gaslamp Killer, James Zabiela, Calvertron & Figure, and of course Fatboy Slim.

    To close what I really loved about this festival and all festivals is the surprise of finding that unknown artist and watching a show like you have never seen in your life.

  2. Thank you Daniel for your comment!

    I really agree with you all the way. There was definitely something in the air that just made it that much more special! I hope to be back for sure next year!

  3. I found your blog on Twitter like Daniel and I couldn’t agree more. This past weekend was absolutely phenomenal. I discovered some new artists, danced like a madman, and had an all around amazing time. See you next year!

  4. wow, I am so happy to get all this feedback! I absolutely loved DEMF and can’t wait for 2012. maybe we should all party again sooner 😛

  5. this year was special, no doubt. i share your (eloquently written) sentiments! this was only my third year, but i can’t imagine having a better time or meeting as many new friends. i too have many videos that i’ll be uploading. i like your idea of spacing that out as a way to extend the experience. 🙂

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