Questa è la vita.

At 25 almost 26 years old I had never had anything stolen in my life. Low and behold, there will always be a first time for everything! Which brought me to thinking how great is that! Yes, everyone will tell you stories and warn you yet not much will prepare you for those moments when by fortune your fortune will run out. Yes that last sentence was a paradox and I will attempt an explanation now…
Out in Miami with my best friend one night my purse was stolen at a nightlife spot. I had been enjoying myself so much and living in what I call the now, a little bit too much. A few seconds of overindulging and dancing and poof my Rebecca Minkoff clutch disappeared or as they say in Italian ‘sbarita’! The moments that immediately follow were pure anguish, not going to lie. Then of all the sudden my mind just stopped and I had an enlightenment of sorts. Probably brought on by then fact that only one person is allowed to freak out at a time in a 2 person crisis! With a smirk I write this now, but much harder ‘en vivo y a todo color’.

After an ordeal that required a lot of United States Dollars  we managed to take control of the situation and steer clear of the drama. Yet I can’t ignore the blatant messages in this unsavory episode:
– the amazing power of the bond of friendship
-the feeling of loss and transgression
– the challenge of beatings great odds (no money, phone or car key)
Of course, I am making out my story to seem quite poetic, but to me it is! Not only did I feel I overcame something never experienced before, but I also felt so close to my best friend. In a esoteric way perhaps to comprehend, or express now, she was the only one there for me in that moment and I for her. We laughed quite hard at our reactions afterwards and now it shall stay in the book of my life as something that was a lot deeper than the surface prognosticated.

So I leave you with this: beware for blessings might come in the form of a bitter pill.



2 thoughts on “Questa è la vita.

  1. It’s hard to come by good reads on blogs these days with so many out there posting photos of their outfits, like I care what they’re wearing on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing your adventures, with words of wisdom! Kalyca=)

    1. Kalyka I know so well what you mean, and I thank you for your support.
      seriously I only started this blog to share inspiration and positivity with you and the rest of the readers out there. thats why it fill me with joy and satisfaction to have comments like yours.

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