Anna Wintour | WSJ

Anna Wintour on the Cover of The WSJ magazine

Finally the Wall Street Journal has published their in depth article of Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief of American Vogue, and without doubt one of the most powerful women in American Fashion. Wether you hate her or love her, or have no clue, she very rarely opens up this much therefore I feel, attention is due. The complete article is available online at The Wall Street Journal, here. I encourage everyone to read it. I leave you with some quotes and quite an interesting chart, if I can call it that.

“You can make a film in Hollywood without Steven Spielberg’s blessing, and you can publish software without Bill Gates’s blessing, but you can’t succeed in fashion without Anna’s blessing”

Anna's Army

“It’s part of my job to get to know these people, to understand who they are. I won’t pretend that I’m sitting here with a spreadsheet . . . ‘Now it’s time to reach out to LeBron James’”

When someone asked her at a press conference in China last year if she was as mean as the press make her out to be, she said, “It’s true, of course, that I beat all my assistants, lock them in a cupboard and don’t pay them.”


Anna at The Ritz in Paris. Photo: Mario Testino.

“With all the new media outlets out there, with all the noise, a voice of authority and calm like Vogue becomes more important than ever. The more eyes on fashion, the more opinions about fashion, the more exploration of fashion around the world, the better it is for Vogue. Vogue is like Nike or Coca-Cola—this huge global brand. I want to enhance it, I want to protect it, and I want it to be part of the conversation.”


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