Lived & Most definitely Loved.



Every time I pick up an issue of Vogue, Vanity Fair or W, part of the required reading is a profile of some fabulously dressed, yet extremely educated woman who serves as the wive of some also extremely well dress and powerful man. To illustrate further let me just throw out a few names: Queen Rania & King… [cant ever remember his name], Garance Doré & Scott Schuman (Scott is more famously know as The Sartorialist), Asma al-Assad & Bashar, and … I think you get the picture.
Which got me to start thinking about the relationships in life and how they shape you and change you. Throughout recent history power couples have been something we are used to, but what I started thinking about was less about power and more about human effect. The effect of our former or present lovers, boyfriends and for some, husbands have on our entire life.
As a woman who fiercely believes in the power of love I must admit I have have been very lucky to live my life thus far, always being open to a love. Most recently I did find what I interpret as the love for a lifetime. Yet, I can’t help but reflect on all the previous moments of lust which were mostly lessons in life, disguised as passionate moments. Isn’t amazing how we learn and evolve through the relationships we live? The first time I heard a song, which later turned into a full blown passionate affair with the music genre, or tried a dish which introduced a whole new cuisine… The vivid memories are hard to push back as I write these thoughts…

Which brings me back to the main point, do we become better women, because we live extraordinary moments of love which weaken our defenses against unknown elements and in consequence push us to try new things??

As I very slowly start to forget  past adventures  and think forward to my future I think a lot about those people in my life who introduced me to so many wonderful new things and how I could never be the woman I am today without my history.


real strawberry



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