Reasons and Seasons

The sun is shining through my window at work making me feel Spring is here. The smell of the fresh flowers on my desk support these thoughts. For me closing on a second winter in NYC has been quite impressive. Almost in the most symbolic way I think also my mind has entered into Spring. The birth of new ideas, and the blossoming of others.

When you live in NY you really feel the change of the seasons as a change within you. First of all there is the obvious change in what you wear. Then there is the awaited change of closets, because unless you’re part of a lucky few, what you call a closet is a tiny pantry and a few drawers; no chance two seasons could fit in there. After that of course there is the actual change in your routine, your handbag sheds at least 1 kilo since you don’t have to carry all the necessary tools of survival; such as extra shoes for your arrival at the office after having navigated through pools of dirty water at each street corner. In fact yesterday when I wore a pair of flats sans the tights, I felt strange. My foot had not been seen in public in so long I felt self conscious all day.

The change of seasons also changes your social life completely. For the last 3 months I have been in my apartment with my boyfriend almost every night. I have run out of projects, seriously. My book and music libraries are in perfect order, I read all the new art books I bought, the kitchen has been organized down to the silverware and I have changed the layout of my living room minimum 5 times. It’s time for some outdoor activities, please! Day drinking in Williamsburg in my iconic cut off shorts, vintage markets shopping in Hell’s Kitchen, West Village outdoor diners… snap back to reality!

It’s time to drink Rose and caphirinas, wear espadrilles and white! Oh how I love Spring!


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