Holiday Adventures Part 1| Nervesa della B. & Alleghe, Italia

>Hey everyone that randomly reads this blog!

Airport Hobo (me)

I am back! After a very busy December full of travels around the world to visit family and friends.

For the first time in my life I went on vacation without a camera. I was so ready to leave NYC that I packed half my life into a suitcase and ran out the door into the taxi. It was not until I was in Paris that I reached for my camera and realized it was back in Queens, on the coffee table. As always life was about to show me that it was not always what you expect that captures the essence of a moment.

After a challenging, and eternal delay of 15hrs in Paris, at midnight on Christmas day we arrived in Venice. Kind of cool now that I am thinking back on it, I was so happy to be there that nothing could bring me down, not even my luggage’s disappearance. The energy of those whom awaited hours to receive us blanketed me in a wave of happiness. For me touching down in Italy is always a gift in itself, this is one of my favorite places in the entire world. In the wee hours of Christmas morning (circa 3am) I chugged grappa and recounted stories of my epic journey from NY through hellish CDG and finally culminated on the grandiose arrival of that moment.

The next morning I woke up, late, and was immediately greeted with the news of lunch is served. Oh lord, I just woke up, the thought of 5 courses made me think of grappa again. Having had survived the day of endless food, no exaggeration, I made it again to my bed very late. Yet filled with priceless satisfaction of being surrounded by the greatest gift of all, love.

There were mountain days to come ahead, and fresh and new places to discover and all I had was my crummy iPhone camera! How could this be!?

These are some of the very limited and exclusive shots from the Italy part of my trip 😉

No way Out of Paris

Christmas Lunch with the Family

A castle in the Italian countryside at night


Next stop is Canary Islands! Post to follow soon… check back!


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