>Hope is a curious thing, for which I have no adequate definition or worthy example to elucidate mine own understanding for your benefit.

I am lost in a canyon of thoughts and obligations. I long for something moving, to stay connected with something greater than me, outside me, that can be perfect for my selfish means. I stand alone at the bottom having reached the top, disillusioned by simplicity, the weak of mind, the intellectually poor and unattached. I seek refuge in all things grandiose by objective standards; yet make no efforts to personally obtain any of it.

A soul wanders, not quite aimlessly, but nevertheless distracted. You appear and the world does a somersault, my world is no longer defined, attached, satisfying and whole. You are missing. We are missing. Challenged by the very meaning of what we mutually agree not to discuss. And where am I? I am here and you are there and nothing is ever the same. You work, I work, you laugh and somewhere I told a joke and longed that it was you listening.

You sleep and I guard the very night that canvasses you. I am awkward in every sense of the word here, and yet know as confidently as a marksman that I am perfect. So why is life here so utterly chaotic, devoid of a fast beating heart until you login?

Who am I without you and I, who are you? Must I have to contemplate? Where does ‘we’ stop and ‘you’ begin? I cannot accept failure here and you do not know my definition, but you feel it and you know it and inside it operates on you like a seasoned surgeon who makes no mistake and your glance is a dance in the eternal light that lifts us all, but mainly me.

Who are you? What are you and in these complicated times what has brought ‘you’ here? L-O-V-E isn’t a danger, it’s a gift. Are you a gift giver or a gift taker? My take is we met through all that is real and incapable of artificial replication, like-minded beings who recognize the untold, the unseen, and the unknown, enraptured by the power.

So, dance, dance like you mean it, let it in and let it be your guide for as long as you like. For I will not leave it alone. I am as powerless as a one-man army attempting to sack Rome! This right here, this is something I must investigate further…wrong, right or otherwise, I make no apologies…forgive me, teach me, show me…

by Ana Triana


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