As I write these words to accompany the following images, my heart is beating a little faster and my breath is a little heavier. That is because these are not just any images, they are photos of my country. A country I abandoned long ago for the life I have today. Yet these last 17 years have not lessen my love, passion and yearning for a day when I can return without consequence.

These are powerful images, of devotion, love, creativity, natural beauty, decay, the passing of time, optimism, politics and endless more hidden meanings.

When I look at the shores and beaches, the palm trees, the buildings, the smile on a woman’s face dressed in her typical Santeria outfit smoking a cigar, I see a neighbor or a friend, a special place packed with tender memories that are wired to the heart.

All of the pictures on this post came from a blog called but the words and the emotion came straight from my heart.



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