Uneven Moments

Through the years I’ve had several. My partners, friends, and even my family have had some too. What am I talking about, cranky stages. When everything and everyone seems to annoy or bother you in some way. It’s hard to know when your in a cranky stage. You don’t usually notice right off the bat and if someone dare point it out they’re just annoying! ha! It usually takes an unusual number of fights, disagreements, tiffs and unfortunately tears to come to notice this unfortunate moment. Fear not your darkly humored friend is here with the answer to release yourself from these uneven times.

First, I suggest you stock up on your fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffavorite alcoholic drink. This is going to be a period of tolerance, patience and learning and if your like me you need a liquid attitude adjustment. Then, every-time you are faced with a potential cranky moment that will draw you into the downward spiral of cranky day or night just exercise the 3-2-1 and breathe, followed by a walk if possible. Other things that work for me: conversations with longtime friends, looking at forbidden pictures on your external hard-drive, purchases, and naps. None of these are proven methods, and a doctor would probably think I need a prescription for Xanax to calm down, yet I believe firmly in my homemade solutions.

Writing this post and sharing my cranky moment with you has already eased a lot of my frustrations about my day, and the pains in the ass you sometimes have to deal with. So feel free to drop your stories and anything your dealing with down in the comments because this is not a one way street and on this blog I care about what everyone has to say. Hopefully your not a pain in the ass!


One thought on “Uneven Moments

  1. >I like your line"… liquid attitude adjustment." For me there are moments when some people I encounter me go around in circles with no idea as to what they're doing when the answer is right in front of them. I sometimes think back to a song I heard as a child while watching Sesame Street. "There Is A Hole In The Bucket." Laugh to myself and continue with my day.

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