Feeling like a needle in a hay stack

New York City is the place to make dreams come true. Yes this statement is true however if you don’t know all the right people and all the right places your dead in the water my friend. As of today I have been living in the Big Apple for 19 months and I have a great job, a wonderful apartment and some friends. I must say that arriving at these merely simple things proved to be the biggest challenge of my life thus far.
Now I was inspired to write this blog today because while at Brunch last Sunday my boyfriend mentioned that he thought I was perfect for a broadcasting job. I paused and shrug it off, I think my exact response was “I have built my career and my life for what I do, I like what I do, why would I want to start all over?” But the thought has stayed in my heart, and mind. Yes, I would like to be in broadcasting and today something else happened that brought me back to this… we will come back to this in a second….
I work for a developer/financier that owns hotels and wineries in Latin America. Very high end stuff, I do social media marketing, events and some regular marketing also. Working in social media for me happened almost by accident, first of all because I grew up with myspace and later facebook. I remember I was inducted into the internet early since it was a rising trend in during my teen years. Long story short, we are here today and I do everything imaginable online as my job and also as a personal user. I sustain this blog and two more, I am active on twitter and facebook as a way to communicate with my global and colorful array of friends and I do it because I love it. My entire career has been dedicated to marketing high net worth projects and developments. Except for a short lapse where I hosted a show about shoes, called Shoetube. It was an A M A Z I N G fun experience, but it was sort of like a hobby. I had no training, I simply shot a 2 min video on my flip camera and sent it to the show’s producer in Boston, who happened to like me and had a small budget to pay the host. I was cast as the Miami host for the show and the adventure began. It turned out to be the most interesting and fun thing I’ve ever done while calling it ‘working’…
Now that you know about my entire life, well let’s keep going with the story we started above. After a wonderful lunch with a dear friend, I came back to my office a bit happy from the glass of prosseco and with no capability for work so I started to surf around on twitter and came across a user called juliaallison (sure look her up). Coincidently, she is a media personality that works or worked for Star magazine, and many other networks. She writes a column; even though I’ve never read it I am sure it would be great based on what I read on her blogs. Why am I telling you all this, because I don’t believe in coincidences and now I am having a serious moment. I live in NYC I could do anything I want, I am smart, I love writing, reading, the camera on both ends and I just feel like a hiker at the bottom of Mount Olympus. Now we’re getting to the meat of the story, how many people might be out there like me, deciding one day that maybe they could be perfect to do something else, but without the right recipe to formulate the plan. You can be in the middle of everything and yet might as well be in the Sahara. Feeling like finding the matching end to your plug might as well be as finding a needle in a hay stack…


One thought on “Feeling like a needle in a hay stack

  1. >Wow Ana,This is so true. I have been in NY for 15 years and have made a very successful career as a model and writer but now I want to incorporate my "all things sexy" with being a hands on sex educator that people can take seriously and really learn from while having a lovely yet passionate time. Well, I spoke to someone on the phone today who is connected with that world. I was calling to be put on a payment plan for a weekend seminar and ended up with an offer to work for her office which handles the workshops of Charles Muir, one of the foremost authorities on Tantra!!! She even asked if I possibly could do some writing for them! It's amazing but also it is the Universe at work. Setting the stage so that I can be the best ME possible. Moving forward to something new is not starting over…everything up till know is a launching pad to propel us to our destiny.Thanks so much for sharing your journey this past year…it has really been an inspiration, even to someone who has been in this particular jungle for quite some time ;-)Damasa

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