Fountain on 5th Ave and 59th street


Water, a name you know well.
SO beautiful the way it flows, the way it sounds… playing with you a game.

Water when trapped will always find a way to escape, creating an aura of freedom for itself. If water had to be an animal it would be a bird, or a fish. Which reminds of the ocean, so deep, so mysterious. So much water in this earth, in the oceans, streams, ponds, lakes, rivers, rapids… Doesn’t everyone have a memory at the beach watching the waves break, the gentle wash up on your feet. We have a most intimate relationship, us and water. We wake up together and we go to sleep together. It’s there at your baptism and at your birth. Water is also a pure element, the kind with which without none of the others would suffice. Its the molecular building block for so many other things… ah what am I talking about? Water is just great.


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