Warm Up- An Ode to Summer.

The summer is winding down, I can tell because last night I was able to sleep through the night without A/C. It’s almost unbelievable for me, that is, to have fully completed a cycle of 4 seasons. To my own surprise, I think I like it. I am finding myself planning the closet move, eyeing coats and boots, and planning activities for the winter months (like organizing my Itunes library). Well that and many more things we’ll probably discuss in future stories. It was a very active summer with loads of visitors, good parties, many trips and new experiences. I also had many personal changes at work, and that by consequence affected social life, friendships and me.

Overall, we got to keep moving forward and keep walking through the doors that open for us, and those that might not. Here I am sharing some pictures from the PS1 Summer “Warm Up” parties that happen throughout the, you guessed it, Summer!
Great experience, energy flowing like crazy, more to come soon!

For the ones interested in learning more about PS1 check out: http://ps1.org/


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