>Dom celebrates Andy

Listen, I don’t necessarily love Andy Warhol. However I do love bubbly, so when I saw Dom Perignon is doing this cool limited edition bottles I had to share. Having worked with Dom before through events I have to say it’s quite unusual for them to do this kind of collaboration and even more unusual for the Andy Warhol Foundation to agree, therefore attention must be payed and chin chin!

NEW YORK— It’s a mark of how much Andy Warhol’s reputation has matured — indeed fermented — since his amphetamine-fueled days as the art world’s cipher and high society’s indulgence that Dom Pérignon has hitched its latest promotional campaign to the artist. The venerable champagne company has introduced a new limited-edition collection of three bottles created by Central Saint Martin’s Design Laboratory that pay tribute to Warhol through labels that evoke the sometimes garish colors of the artist’s Pop masterpieces, from his famed “Death and Disaster” (look at that red) to his more venal commissioned portraits.

Via Art+Auction


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