>Valentino Garavani

I just read a note about Valentino’s new Archives exposition in Paris.
Not sure how many people saw his movie, The Last Emperor, but I was surely marked by the retelling of a story as beautiful, brilliant and emotional as his. Now with this new exposition he aims at giving back to the students of fashion and this way carry out his legacy forever, hopefully. There might never be someone who can recreate “a scarlet, one-shouldered dress, simple in shape but expertly draped to provide the perfect red carpet silhouette” but maybe that’s a good thing.

The exhibit incorporates more than 10,000 sketches, as well as iPads that show Valentino’s draftsman skills in real time and a host of imagery drawn from magazine editorials and press articles from the past four decades. The Valentino Garavani Archives are set to open to the public, by appointment only, in September.

He evolves yet stays glamorous and ever chic, who else uses ipads to distribute their material. This man is genius and rich!

“I love beauty, it’s not my fault”


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