Fantasy vs Reality

When you imagine something rather than knowing it well you feel at a loss for not knowing it better. Little do you realize that knowing the cold hard facts about everything is so disappointing. For example, you visit a place that is amazing and with an energy that marks your brain, yet you don’t spend a lot of time there to fully understand the system of life or the intricacies of living there. The only thing you leave with is a pocket full of great memories and fantasies. Do you know how lucky you are??? At least you have the precious gift of everlasting fantasy: of what could be and the possibly of returning. When I meet people, discover flavors or go to places I don’t want to have so much that I obliterate it. What about a repeat visit, taste, or even more provocative, the fantasy of what it might be like…

With time I’ve started to realize that mystery is much more satisfying than fact!!

… And like Oscar Wilde told us:
” the mystery of life lies in the visible not the invisible”


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