Going with the flow

In life going with the flow is usually good, it does not save you from stress, however you never know where that flow would lead you. I think that it’s actually amazing what you can accomplish with a positive attitude and an open mind, but I am not here to tell you that, The Secret and other literature did that. Not me. I am more on a campaign to promote free thinking and embracing those “crazy ideas” that other people criticize and maybe even yourself, but still tempted to follow.
When I decided one day to quit my job and move to a foreign city, with hardly knowing anyone, and no prospect of a future I was going with my flow at the moment. Probably a million times after I cursed the day I was born for not having thought things out better, BUT (pay attention) if I would have thought it out better I probably would have never done it, or even considered it. That’s the beauty of following your “flow”.
In the last few days I’ve been learning a lot about personal flow, so many different kinds. It’s really a matter of growing up & learning to identify and accept the unstoppable forces that are entering your life every day.


2 thoughts on “Going with the flow

  1. >Well said Ana! This is so the truth of life! I feel that the Universe pulls me (us) in just the right direction…it is only my fear that stops me from moving. But now I am here in Barcelona and travelling to Morocco, Marseille, Madrid and Milan because of staying with an open mind and heart. I don´t know what the future holds but I am very curious and excited to see what is in store! la vida loca es muey bueno!Damasa

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