The island of Ibiza in review.

Ana3Ana, Emiliano, Sara

The island of Ibiza. Where the sun heats your skin during the day and the feeling of freedom and nirvana fills the air. You can’t escape from Ibiza’s ways. You might try, you might fight to stay sober, or clothed but sooner than later you’re jumping out of your skin and finally give in to the hedonistic aura of the place. Many people told me of the energy found in this island, a magical energy that takes over your body & soul. At first you can’t really fall for those things, it’s when you are  there for a few days that you begin to feel the ‘enlightenment’. I have one specific memory of a night when we (Sara, Nate, Emi and I) went to Pacha and when we were exhausted from dancing circa 4am, we huddled in the car over to Sa Trinxa beach, we  drove through huge salt pools, surrounded by nature, and wilderness. The feeling of the wind in my face while the music was blasting in our Panda 4×4 was probably one of the happiest moments in my life. We made our way through a dark and sandy path, at times I thought we’d get stuck, but that only added to the feeling of  exploring the unknown. Finally we made it to the beach, perched on atop  some rocks we parked the car and took to the shore. I saw the sky start to light up in different shades of midnight blue, royal blue, turquoise, until finally a ball of fire awoke at the horizon and quickly started climbing to it’s throne, revealing a most majestic sunrise.

You have no idea the kind of thing this moment does to you. It’s was a magnificent moment and it summed up everything for me until this point.

Friendship bracelets
Nate and Sara (napping)

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