Ibiza kind of Summer


I’ve just returned from a vacation through Northern Italy and the island of Ibiza. Seems like a world apart crossing the Atlantic to this most enchanting country. I am definitely feeling the post vacation blues right now… Italy is the most beautiful country in the world for me, the land of the mozzarella and where even the “contadino” are good looking, well educated and witty. It’s the place to free your mind, and let the eyes get lost through the rolling hills. In the area I was in, 45 minutes from Venezia, you could see the Dolomites standing in the distance, some of the peaks covered in snow still. The endless fields of green that set the perfect backdrop to the decade old houses that are scattered through the area. Vineyards are all around and every town small or not has it’s castle.

Staying with my boyfriend’s family was the main attraction to the trip. Italians are passionate about everything, even the kind of bread! When we arrived at this perfectly manicured and picturesque house we were greeted by Gigliola. Of course the prosseco started flowing and also the tears. Within the half hour the house was bustling with the entire family and a feast was soon to follow. As I sit here in my NY office I can still savor the happiness I was feeling sitting around the table with this amazing Italian family. The pictures in my mind flash like light bulbs that flicker. This entry could go on forever because the emotional journey and physical one are so profound and complex; it would take a nice bottle of wine and some time to recount it all. But for now I will leave you with some images from Nervesa della Battaglia, Conigliano, Treviso, and of course Venezia.


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